T-shirts – fashionable highlights

T-shirts are absolutely versatile! Is there anyone without a T-shirt? Women have a certain assortment of T-shirts in their wardrobe nowadays as this item of clothing can nicely be combined with a pair of jeans or chino pants, with a leather jacket, blazer or coat. Furthermore, T-shirts are suitable on many occasions; you can wear them at school, at work, and during leisure time. Our online shop offers a wide range of shirts in various colours and styles – be sure to have a look!

Figure-enhancing or oversized?

There might have been some kind of prototype of today’s T-shirt in warm regions up to thousand years ago and there is evidence of similar clothes people wore in ancient Egypt. Cotton, as a natural resource to produce clothes, was discovered at least 7,000 years ago. It was the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain that provided a boost to cotton manufacture. The earliest T-shirt, however, dates back to the early 20th century and was only used as underwear for a long time. Seamen are said to have worn tops similar to nowadays’ T-shirts as an undershirt with short sleeves and without buttons. This item of clothing soon became popular as a bottom layer for workmen and even increased in popularity in the 1950s. It established as a garment for women only in the 1970s and has since evolved into a versatile classic. We provide you with top-class T-shirts from well-known brands like Iriedaily, Carhartt WIP and many more. Various styles and fresh colours will enhance your outfit. You see, former underwear has become a fashion item!

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