Jackets / Vests

Ragwear Anezka Organic Sweatshirt White   79.95€ Ragwear Anezka Organic Sweatshirt Black   79.95€ Naketano 3sisch Euro Swansisch Minut Pl Jacket Indigo Blue Melange   69.95€ Naketano 3sisch Euro Swansisch Minut Pl Jacket Dirty Livid Grey Melange   69.95€ Alife & Kickin Kiddo A Jacket Moonless   119.95€ Ragwear Enrica Bonded Jacket Blue   99.95€ Ragwear Vilma B Sweatshirt Beige   69.95€ Ragwear Abbie B Sweatshirt Olive   69.95€ Ragwear Abbie B Sweatshirt Red   69.95€ Ragwear Terry Zip Sweatshirt Dusty Blue   79.95€ Ragwear Terry Zip Sweatshirt Black   79.95€ adidas Beckenbauer Track Top Jacket Black   79.95€ Alife & Kickin Black Mamba B Jacket Fuchsia Dots   119.95€ Alife & Kickin Snakecharmer Sweat Jacket Coral   79.95€ Alife & Kickin Charlotte B Coat Smaragd Dots   129.95€ Naketano Redefreiheit Pimped Jacket Indigo Blue   69.90€ Naketano Redefreiheit Pimped Jacket Blue Stone Melange   69.90€ Ragwear Nuggie B Jacket Dark Choco   109.95€ adidas Slim Vest Black   89.95€ Ragwear Angel Zip Sweatshirt Mid Indigo   79.95€ Ragwear Angel Zip Sweatshirt Dusty Blue   79.95€ Ragwear Myra Jacket Navy   99.95€ Ragwear Nicky Jacket Black   89.95€ Mazine Rocklyn Jacket Black Dots   129.95€ Mazine Library Parka Navy Dots   129.95€ Mazine Library Parka Arctic Snow   129.95€ Naketano Redefreiheit Pimped Dusty Blue Melange   69.90€ Mazine Backbeat Windbreaker Red Hearty   119.95€ Mazine Backbeat Windbreaker Navy Dots   119.95€ Mazine Backbeat Windbreaker Black Snow   119.95€ Mazine Juneau Down Jacket Navy   119.95€ Mazine Juneau Down Jacket Black   119.95€ Naketano Bademeister Flavour Dark Blue   89.95€ Naketano Bademeister Flavour Black   89.95€ Naketano Bambi Alte Schlampe Dark Blue   119.95€ Naketano Bambi Alte Schlampe Black   119.95€ Naketano Monsterbumserin Pimped Anthracite Melange   79.95€ adidas Superstar Track Top Jacket Tactile Rose   69.95€ Naketano Monsterbumserin Pimped Black   79.95€ Naketano Family Biz Scarface Melange   74.95€ adidas Active Icons SST Track Top Jacket Legend Ink White   48.97€ 69.95€ Naketano Monsterbumserin Pimped Pine Green Melange   79.95€ Naketano Family Biz Black   74.95€ Nike W NSW Windrunner Jacket Rush Orange White   41.22€ 74.95€ Nike W NSW Windrunner Jacket Barely Grey Barely Grey   41.22€ 74.95€ Ragwear Like You Jacket Chili Red   76.97€ 109.95€ Ragwear Canny Jacket Olive White   83.97€ 119.95€
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Jackets / Vests

Well-equipped with functional jackets

The design of jackets has adapted to the needs of the wearer in the course of centuries; jackets have become fashionable companions in any situation by now. Women’s jackets mostly open centre front and have a zip closure or buttons. The design, of course, depends on the time of the year. You can wear stylish leather jackets in spring and autumn; cardigans are also suitable on mild summer evenings. Outdoor jackets give your outfit a sporty look. We want to provide you with a large variety of trendy jackets – be sure to have a look at our clothing categories and find your new favourite item!

Women’s jackets – stylish items of clothing

Jackets are suitable on almost any occasion – regardless of whether you need a warm between-seasons jacket on cold autumn days or a thin cardigan on a summer night. We offer a wide range of jackets from brands like Carhartt WIP and Iriedaily which convince due to fashionable collections, colourful designs and highest quality. A pair of skin-tight jeans combined with a blazer will make a smashing outfit you can wear at the office or during leisure time. We have several styles available so you will surely make a find!

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