Outdoor Shoes

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Outdoor Shoes

Outdoor shoes – a sturdy kind of shoes

Those of you who enjoy outdoor activities know that shoes are an important part of your equipment. Hiking boots have been designed many years ago to be able to move on different terrains. Hiking boots are special shoes made for hiking, climbing and other activities in the open countryside. Technologies and materials used for the production of hiking boots are very advanced and of high quality. Manufacturers use membranes which are to provide a high breathability.

On hikes and challenging hiking tours high boots will offer best traction and support. Low boots are often used for easy hikes in low mountain ranges. Depending on the manufacturer, hiking boots are divided into different categories. Lowa, for example, established five categories: category five boots are light hiking boots and category one boots are sturdy climbing boots for high-alpine terrain. But most of them have one thing in common: their sole has a boulder cover and is absolutely sturdy so stones and roots won’t pinch. Hiking boots, just like running shoes, are divided into men’s shoes and women’s shoes; they are different in terms of fit and design.

Purchase advice for hiking boots

You should sally forth to buy hiking boots in the afternoon since your feet swell during the day. Please try on new hiking boots with the socks you will wear on your hike. The boots should at least offer 1.0 cm from the big toe to the toe cap because your feet will slide forward when you’re going downhill. In addition to the weight and fit of the shoes it’s very important to try them on for approximately 15 minutes before you make your buying decision. A short sprint and stopping dead will give some indication of how the boots will act under such conditions. Standing up on tiptoes you should check if the shoe fits tightly at the heel and provides support at the ankle and midfoot. Finally, we’d like to give an essential advice: you definitely need to break in your new pair of shoes before going on a long hike.

Enjoy shopping for hiking boots and have a look at our large selection of shoes. Buy your hiking boots at Schuhdealer.com in a very comfortable way.

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