Carhartt WIP Division Embroidery Sweat Dark Navy Quince   78.95€ Alife & Kickin King Sweat Burgundy   62.96€ 69.95€ adidas Trefoil Crew Maroon   47.96€ 59.95€ adidas Trefoil Hoodie Clear Pink   55.96€ 69.95€ adidas Trefoil Hoodie Blubird   55.96€ 69.95€ New Balance Essentials NB Logo Hoodie White   51.96€ 64.95€ New Balance Essentials NB Logo Hoodie Athletic Grey   51.96€ 64.95€ New Balance Essentials NB Logo Crew Black   47.96€ 59.95€ New Balance Essentials NB Logo Crew Athletic Grey   47.96€ 59.95€ Carhartt WIP Hooded Sweat Persimmon Black   88.95€ New Balance Essentials Stacked Logo Hoodie Pigment   51.96€ 64.95€ adidas Trefoil Warm-Up Crew Linen   34.90€ 59.95€ adidas Trefoil Warm-Up Hoodie Dust Pink   39.90€ 69.95€ adidas Trefoil Warm-Up Hoodie Mist Sun   39.90€ 69.95€ Levis Graphic Crew B Levis Logo Black Grey   47.96€ 59.95€ Levis Colorblock Hoodie Chinese Red   59.96€ 74.95€ Levis Graphic Crew Better Housemark Fleece Midtone Grey   47.96€ 59.95€ Carhartt WIP Hooded Sweat Black White   79.90€ 89.95€ New Balance Essentials Stacked Logo Hoodie Charcoal Grey   51.96€ 64.95€ New Balance Essentials Stacked Logo Hoodie Enamel Blue   51.96€ 64.95€ New Balance Essentials Stacked Logo Hoodie Black   51.96€ 64.95€ Carhartt WIP Sweat Black Black   69.90€ 79.95€ adidas Trefoil Crew Black   41.97€ 59.95€ adidas Trefoil Hoodie M Black   48.97€ 69.95€ adidas Trefoil Hoodie Grey   48.97€ 69.95€ adidas Trefoil Crew Grey   41.97€ 59.95€ Nike M NSW Top Air Longsleeve Thunder Blue Gunsmoke Obsidian   49.47€ 89.95€ Carhartt WIP Peace Sweat Black Multicolor   49.90€ 69.95€ Carhartt WIP Hooded Division Sweat Grey Heather Multicolor   49.90€ 79.95€ Carhartt WIP L/S Stray Script T-Shirt Dark Navy   34.90€ 49.95€ Naketano Pommes im Weltall IX Amazing Grey Melange   52.47€ 74.95€ Carhartt WIP Hooded Chase Sweat Dark Navy Gold   59.90€ 69.95€ Carhartt WIP Hooded Chase Sweat Black Gold   59.90€ 69.95€ Carhartt WIP Hooded Chrono Sweat Grey Heather   59.90€ 99.95€ Nike M Nike F.C. Crew Black   41.97€ 69.95€ Levis Skate Quilted Mason 2 Washed Mason   53.97€ 89.95€ Carhartt WIP Hooded Yale Sweat Navy White   59.90€ 79.95€ adidas XBYO Hoodie Medium Grey Heather   44.90€ 89.95€ adidas XBYO Crew Legend Ink   39.90€ 79.95€ adidas XBYO Crew Medium Grey Heather   39.90€ 79.95€ Carhartt WIP Chase Sweat Blue Gold   49.90€ 59.95€ Carhartt WIP Eaton Pocket Sweat Navy Heather Carlos Check   39.90€ 69.95€ Levis Half Zip Hoodie Molleton Heather   71.97€ 119.95€ Carhartt WIP Hooded USS Script Sweat Navy   59.90€ 99.95€ Carhartt WIP USS Script Sweat Rosehip White Washed   49.90€ 89.95€ Nike M NSW Crew Fleece MX Dark Grey Heather Black   34.97€ 49.95€ Carhartt WIP Hooded Locals Sweat Blue White   49.90€ 89.95€
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Sporty styles – sweaters for men

Sweaters for men have come to enjoy great popularity as they offer a sporty, casual style and high wearing comfort. Men of all ages have at least one jumper in their wardrobe. But sweaters were regarded as non-serious and incompatible with fashion until the end of the 19th century. It was only in the early 1930s, when people became more and more interested in sports and needed appropriate clothing, that pullovers did obtain acceptance.

A minimalist fashion was up and coming as of the 1950s; existentialists wore knitted pullovers in dark colours, especially in black. Therefore, the sweater was well on the way to develop from a non-serious item of clothing into a classic. That’s why we have excellent pullovers on offer from various brands. Have a look and get some stylish sweaters.

The ideal companion for fashion-conscious men

Men can enhance a sporty outfit with a stylish pullover. We provide you with a great variety of hoodies, sweatshirts and Henley shirts which convince due to elaborate details such as ribbed cuffs or a Kangaroo pocket. A very successful brand, Carhartt WIP designs assorted collections of clothing, with pullovers having striking logo prints or rather quiet designs so everyone can make a find. Iriedaily also creates exceptional designs which will definitely attract attention. Our high-quality sweaters leave nothing to be desired and will give you great pleasure for a long time. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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