Clothing as second skin – shirts

Shirts can look back on a long history; they used to be quite simple but rather long, down to the floor, without buttons. The style of shirts has enhanced in the course of centuries: they were worn as an item of men’s underwear with removable collar in the Middle Ages. In the 18th century, men did no longer wear shirts only as underwear and at the beginning of the 20th century the shirts were similar to today’s shirts, with a full-length opening at the front. Men’s shirts with a somewhat stiff collar established and now are an integral part of the world of fashion. You can find various styles at our online shop so you will be well-dressed at the next party, at a job interview or at the university.

Shirts – suitable on many occasions

We can’t imagine the world of fashion without shirts; they are very versatile, made of various fabrics and have many different styles. “Clothes make the man,” realised Gottfried Keller already in 1874. You can make a lasting impression with a stylish shirt and a matching outfit. We have a wide range of selected, high-quality shirts on offer for you. Brands such as Carhartt WIP launch great collections of superior quality. Iriedaily impresses with unique designs and fresh colours which can nicely be combined with a pair of shorts or jeans. Stylish Levi’s shirts will also complete your outfit. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirts; we can provide you with timeless designs and elegant styles which will surely be a highlight at any party. Have a look and make a find at our online shop!

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