Jackets / Vests

adidas Superstar Track Top Jacket Collegiate Red   79.95€ adidas Superstar Track Top Jacket Navy   79.95€ adidas Superstar Track Top Jacket Black   79.95€ Naketano Ivic Pimped Pool Blue Melange   89.90€ Naketano Ivic Pimped Black   89.90€ adidas Authentic Track Top Jacket Black White   79.95€ Nike Windrunner Jacket White White   63.96€ 79.95€ Nike Windrunner Jacket Black White   63.96€ 79.95€ Naketano Birol Zipped Hoodie Dark Olive Melange   74.95€ Nike Windrunner Jacket Pure Platinum Wolf Grey   43.97€ 79.95€ Naketano Jan Mopila Djubre Melange   84.95€ Naketano Jan Mopila Leaf Green Melange   84.95€ Nike Windrunner Jacket Ocean Bliss Ocean Bliss   43.97€ 79.95€ Levis Skate Anorak SE Printed True Blue   77.97€ 129.95€ Levis Skate Mechanic Jacket 2 Navy Blazer   71.97€ 119.95€ Carhartt WIP Vega Pullover Camo Tiger Desert Rinsed   109.90€ 159.95€ Carhartt WIP Vega Pullover Jacket Rover Green Rinsed   99.90€ 149.95€ Naketano Saksofon Cekmek Tütürütütü Jacket Black   109.90€ Naketano Saksofon Cekmek Tütürütütü Jacket Desert Green   109.90€ Carhartt WIP Nimbus Jacket Supplex Stone Blue   99.90€ 139.95€ Carhartt WIP Nimbus Jacket Supplex Cypress   99.90€ 139.95€ Naketano Schwanzloses Opfa Jacket Dark Green   119.90€ Naketano Schwanzloses Opfa Jacket Dark Blue   119.90€ Naketano Schwanzloses Opfa Jacket Black   119.90€ Naketano Eierklatscher Jacket Dark Blue   109.90€ Levis Commuter Pro Trucker CS Summit Slate   159.95€ Naketano Cruiser Jacket Olive   95.96€ 119.95€ Naketano Cruiser Jacket Steel   95.96€ 119.95€ Naketano Cruiser Jacket Deepthroat Ocean   95.96€ 119.95€ Naketano Cruiser Jacket Black   95.96€ 119.95€ Naketano Hüter der Pflaumen Hoodie Gravierend Melange   79.90€ Naketano Ohne Fleiß kein penis Desert Green   119.90€ adidas Winter Track Top Black Red   65.97€ 109.95€ Naketano Birol Zipped Hoodie Anthracite Melange   74.95€ Naketano Birol Zipped Hoodie Black   74.95€ Carhartt WIP Sports Pile Coach Jacket Black   79.90€ 119.95€ Ragwear Banks Black   69.97€ 99.95€ adidas ADC Fashion Track Top Jacket Black   59.97€ 99.95€ adidas XbyO TrackTop Jacket Grey   44.90€ 89.95€ Levis Good Sherpa Trucker Jacket Chino   95.96€ 119.95€ Levis Type 3 Sherpa Trucker Jacket Fine Line   95.96€ 119.95€ Levis Type 3 Sherpa Trucker Jacket Raw Power   83.97€ 119.95€ adidas Trefoil Hard Shell Jacket Black   83.97€ 139.95€ adidas XBYO Full Zip Hoodie Grey   49.90€ 99.95€ adidas NMD Full Zip Utility Hoodie Black   53.97€ 89.95€ Levis Skate Mechanic Jacket LSC Olive   59.97€ 99.95€ Carhartt WIP Nimbus Pullover Jacket Cypress   99.90€ 149.95€
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Jackets / Vests

Jackets to brave any weather

Men can never have enough jackets in their wardrobe since jackets are fashionable companions in our everyday life. Jackets already existed in the 14th century and have become an integral part in the world of fashion. They usually have long sleeves and open center front, which allows for a versatile look. Which type of jacket you need depends on the weather; we have a large assortment of jackets available so you will surely make a find.

Feelgood factor thanks to fashionable jackets

You are looking for a track top to put on after your workout at the gym? Or do you need a casual hoodie for your everyday life? We have something for everyone. An established brand, Carhartt WIP produces jackets of high quality and designs stylish collections. But Iriedaily’s between-seasons jackets are also real eye-catchers and convince due to exceptional colourways and styles. You can, of course, find warm winter jackets at our shop to keep you warm on cold winter days. Soft and cuddly fleece jackets are also part of our product range. Functional windbreakers help you to brave any weather in spring or autumn. Stylish jackets will bring colour into the drab monotony of life and can be combined with almost any kind of pants and tops.

But also fashionable vests are part of our assortment. Individual styles, colour combinations and high-quality materials make vests a real must-have for men. You can nicely combine them with a T-shirt, pullover or sweatshirt and a pair of matching pants such as jeans or chinos. Regardless of whether you prefer striking patterns or plain designs, you can complete your outfit with a stylish vest. Furthermore, vests are very versatile: you can wear them at home, at the office or at the university; they offer freedom of movement and will keep you warm at the same time. Brands such as Carhartt WIP and Iriedaily provide you with premium-quality vests. You can find the latest trends at the Schuhdealer online shop.

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