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In 1923, the foundation stone was laid: Lorenz Wagner established LOWA in Jetzendorf, a Bavarian town near Munich, starting with the production of “Haferlschuhe”, traditional Bavarian shoes. The expansion of the company soon became necessary in the 1920s due to the high quality of the double stitched shoes which are entirely hand-made – a method of production that originated in the mountains. The prices for materials rose by ca. 50% during the Korean War so the company had to buy its materials at a high price in order to be able to continue production. As prices fell and invoices came due, the company became insolvent overnight. When Lorenz Wagner died in 1953, the second generation took the lead in 1955. Wagner’s daughter and her husband Sepp Lederer increasingly used innovative synthetic materials and technologies, capturing a new market for LOWA shoes.

One of the first polyurethane injection moulding machines was put into operation in 1970. LOWA has, therefore, been able to produce the first vulcanised sole which provides 100 per cent protection against moisture, insulation against cold and is shape-retaining. In 1977, the company again expanded and built two new factories in Jetzendorf. So the single workshop evolved into a factory site of just under 6000m². The first Trekker model was launched in 1982 which was the advent of LOWA trekking shoes. In 1988, Sepp Lederer passed the management on to his son, the third generation. He developed the Street Trekker, a derivative of the LOWA Trekker. The Italian TECNICA group, which also owned Dolomite, Nordica and Rollerblade, acquired LOWA in 1993. This take-over, of course, brought about some changes, e.g. LOWA ski boots have been produced at the parent company in Italy from then on. But LOWA has continued to produce trekking shoes and hiking boots in Jetzendorf. And also the sectors of management, research and development have remained based in Germany. In 1995, the “light” hiking boots were introduced onto the market, being the predecessors of the ATC multifunctional line. In 2003, LOWA celebrated its 80th anniversary: a footwear producer rich in tradition, the company has always remained faithful to its rural production location in Jetzendorf. Then, in 2010, the company accomplished a much-anticipated goal: LOWA sold more than 2 million pairs of shoes a year. With LOWA shoes, you are perfectly equipped for all the adventures you want to start on. We as well rely on the high quality of LOWA products – men, women and children can find a selection of LOWA shoes at our online shop.

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